Introducing SecurePro 360...

Now you can easily keep your family and belongings safe with this hidden camera that's disguised as an ordinary LED lightbulb.

It’s 360° fisheye lens ensures you see every corner of the room at once (in full HD) with nowhere to hide.

Total peace of mind, safety and security.

SecurePro 360 streams video right to your phone, letting you watch and capture unsuspecting thieves, intruders or employees’ every move.

Ideal for the home, business, or simply as a baby monitor, SecurePro 360 is the only discrete HD security camera with full 360° coverage.

Here's What People Are Saying...

"Just 1 week after getting our LED bulb cams we caught a thief breaking and entering our home. We got it all on video, handed it over to the police and they caught him within 3 days. And we even got our stolen jewelry and electronics back! 🙏 This simply wouldn’t have happened without this camera. Huge fans here! 👍"

Jeff L.

West Hollywood, California

"After hiring a few horrible babysitters we decided to get one of these to keep an eye on them. 😝 The first night she was great, but then, on night 2, she invited her boyfriend over and spent the entire evening with him, not even checking on our baby once! 😡 I’m so glad we had the SecurePro 360 as we simply wouldn’t have known without it. Lifesaver! 🙌"

Jennifer T.

Phoenix, Arizona

"For weeks employees were complaining that their money was going missing in the office. So I secretly installed this lightbulb security cam one night and BAM! I caught the guy stealing money out of people’s drawers the very next day! 😎 We fired him on the spot and sent the video to police. 💪 We’re getting one for every area in the office. I should have done this years ago."

Dan E.

Boulder, Colorado

Here's Why People Love SecurePro 360...

SecurePro 360 is the only 360° camera disguised as an LED lightbulb, making it inescapable and undetectable.

Plus it’s completely wireless, getting it’s power from the light socket and streaming the video over wifi - no messy cables needed!
Finally see what really happens
when you’re away.

With it’s infra-red night vision mode and motion detection alerts, you will always know what’s happening, day or night.

While the live video streams straight to your phone, letting you pause, rewind or save video clips, even while at work or dining out.
Keep an eye on your kids, employees,
family members, pets or spouse.

• Collect evidence for the police
• Catch thieves in the act
• Keep an eye on loved ones
• Protect your business
...without anyone knowing you're watching.

For this limited-time offer we’re throwing in 1 extra SecurePro 360 FREE!

So now you get 2X SecurePro 360s for the price of one!

Perfect for combos like porch + living room, backyard + pool or driveway + garage.

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SecurePro 360’s Features:

  • No More Worrying - Whether you’re on the beach, at dinner or in another country, you can always see exactly what’s happening at your home or office, live. Simply download the companion phone app and within seconds you’re viewing live video from the SecurePro 360 on your phone or tablet.
  • Captures Everything - Ordinary security cameras have a very narrow field of view, allowing anyone to sneak around their large blind-spots undetected. But SecurePro 360 covers a full 360° of any room up to 1000 square feet in size. Anything that happens in the room will be captured in vivid HD video.
  • Nobody Will Know - Since SecurePro 360 is perfectly disguised as an LED light bulb, your friends, guests, employees and of course, intruders, will never know they’re being watched and recorded. This means they won’t obscure it, destroy it or change their behaviour whatsoever.
  • It Just Works - No technical hassles to wade through like tricky menus, calibration, cabling or setup. Simply plug it into a light bulb socket, select the right wifi signal, download the companion app to your phone or tablet and it’s 100% ready to stream video live. As easy as it gets.
  • No Cables - Unlike ordinary security cameras, there is no need to connect any power or video cables with the SecurePro 360. Just plug it into a light bulb socket anywhere in your home or office, and it’s ready to stream video. It’s powered by the light bulb socket and uses wifi to transmit video. Setup literally takes 60 seconds.
  • Motion Detection - SecurePro 360 will send alerts notifications to your phone alerting you when there’s unusual movement in your home or office. This “heads up” lets you record video for evidence, get to safety, grab your firearm, call the police or all of the above, depending on the situation.
  • Safe While You Sleep - Infra-red Night Vision Mode lets you see all the action at night, just as well as the daytime. Combined with the motion detection alerts, it’s very handy for catching burglars in the middle of the night while you’re sleeping or away from your home or office. Just pick up your phone and catch them on video.
  • Crystal Clear - Unlike regular security cameras where the footage is too dark, grainy and blurry to see any useful details, SecurePro 360 uses the latest technology to capture the smallest details as solid evidence. It records full HD video at 1080p and uses H.264 compression to keep quality high while saving on disk space.
  • Plenty Recording Time - Capture and store up to 3.5 hours of full quality 1080p HD video and never worry about running out of space! Just hit record and rest assured knowing that the 128GB Micro SD card slot can handle it all. And if you do, just get another SD card, simple.
  • LED Light Feature - 3 one-watt LED bulbs are fitted inside the unit so it functions just like a normal LED light bulb. This helps for authenticity as well as lighting up the room to capture well-lit videos in the afternoon and evening.
  • 2-Way Audio - Talk into your phone and SecurePro will transmit your voice into the room via the built-in speaker. This is ideal for talking to your pets, kids, baby or to play a prank and freak out your friends! The microphone also allows them to respond so you can have a conversation if need be.
What's included: X2 SecurePro 360 HD Cam security cameras, X1 User Manual.

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